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Knuckleboom Cranes

Designed to provide the maximum amount of flexibility along with payload capacity, while requiring the least amount of space. With the ability to place a load from the truck with pinpoint accuracy, GSE&E's knucklebooms allow you to deliver materials exactly where the customer wants them.

Huge inventory of new and used cranes in stock and ready to mount on your chassis. Various lifting capacities to suit your needs.

Cormach 230000 Series, largest, strongest, longest knuckleboom crane in the world

Cormach 230000E9 13,492 lbs @ 75'6" (Horizontal)

Cormach 230000E9 Jib 4 1,500 lbs @ 150'8" (Horizontal)


  • Hydraulic swing up main outrigger 180 degree continuous rotation
  • Additional control valve section
  • Load limiting device
  • Radio Remote Control
  • Crane set up for variable displacement load sensing pump


  • Winch - 2500 kg or 4000 kg
  • Counterweight
  • 3rd set of "straight back" outriggers

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